Profile of Kohima District ( Land of First District )

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1.Town Altitude 1,444 m (4,738 ft)
2.Recognised Villages 96 Villages
3.Major Crops Rice, Maize, Beans, Potato
4.Important Festivals Sekrenyi, Ngada
5.Major and Important RiversDzü, Dzüdza

Administrative HQ

1. DC's Office Kohima
2. ADC's Office Tseminyu, Chiephobozou
3. SDO(C) Office Jakhama, Sechü (Zubza)
4. EAC HeadquartersKezocha, Changizun, Botsa

Educational Institutions

1. Govt. Colleges 3
2. Govt. Primary,Middle,High Schools31
3. Govt. Recognised Private Schools 24
4. Govt. Recognised Private Colleges0

Tourist Attractions and Historical Places

1. Kohima World War II Memorial
2. Kohima Cathedral
3. State Museum
4. Naga Heritage Village (Kisama)
5. Dzükou Valley