Profile of Longleng District ( Land of Handicrafts )

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1.Town Altitude 1,066 m above sea level
2.Recognised Villages 46 villages
3.Major Crops Paddy
4.Important Festivals Monyu
5.Major and Important RiversDikhu and Yongmon River

Administrative HQ

1. DC's Office Longleng
2. ADC's Office Tamlu
3. SDO(C) Office NA
4. EAC HeadquartersYongyah, Sakshi, Namsang, Yachem

Educational Institutions

1. Govt. Colleges 1
2. Govt. Primary,Middle,High Schools14
3. Govt. Recognised Private Schools 2
4. Govt. Recognised Private Colleges0

Tourist Attractions and Historical Places

1. Ahom Raja Caves at Bhumnyu and Bura Namsang
2. Shamnyu Lake at Pongo
3. Tangha Lake at Tangha
4. Stone pillars at Yongtap/ Yachem Village.