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On the 26th of March, an extreme weather event affected the state of Nagaland especially in the districts of Peren, Niuland and Phek. The storm adversely affected houses, crops and also caused minor injuries. The Nagaland State Disaster Management Authority and the concerned District Disaster Management Authorities (DDMAs) have extended immediate relief to the affected families and communities especially in Peren district while in Niuland and Phek districts, assessment of damage is underway.

The NSDMA, Home department through the concerned DDMAs are vigilantly monitoring and reaching out to the affected families and community. It is also informed that affected families and communities not reached by the concerned DDMAs may approach the concerned circle Administrative officers and report in order to obtain necessary assistance.

The NSDMA also informs the public to be vigilant as an extreme pre-monsoon weather event may occur in the coming days. In the event of any eventualities public are advised to stay alert and report for any eventualities to the DDMAs.