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            The Department of A. H. & Veterinary Services has informed the general public and piggery farmers that unusual mortality of pig population has been reported in Mon, Kiphire & Phek districts recently. Hence, general public & piggery farmers have been requested to remain vigil and observe the following advisories:-

  1. To report death of pigs to the nearest Veterinary Health Centre for necessary sero-monitoring.
  2. Not to consume dead / diseased pigs, but carry out deep burial method and subsequent sanitization.
  3. Refrain from importing live pigs for meat and piglets for breeding purpose from outside without knowing the health status.
  4. Maintain strict bio-security measures in the farms.
  5. Practice usage of footbath at the entrance of the farm.
  6. Vaccinate your pigs against Classical Swine Fever.
  7. Avoid feeding with feeds especially from hotel and other wastes which may be contaminated.