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To be the most admired Information and public relations department in India for our innovative and creative use of technology for dissemination of credible news and information through media to the citizens, maintaining digital archive cell and interactive website.


The Mission Statement of the Department of Information and Public Relations, Nagaland as given in the Citizens’ Charter states:-

      “The Department of IPR commits itself to provide responsive, value based information to the people and the media in its ultimate endeavour to serve the public and to establish favourable attitudes and responses to the government on the part of the general public or special groups including analyses of attitude, appraisal of procedure and policies, recommendation of internal change and effective presentation of the Government’s purposes and objectives to the people”

      The department further dedicates itself to the cause of promoting better understanding between the government and the people and between the Government and the media, translating into reality the theory of Accountability and Transparency, the unavoidable criteria of good governance.
      It shall be the endeavour of the Department to enlighten the people on the policies, activities and programmes of the Government making them part of the whole process through an atmosphere of interaction and cooperation.


News Collection

All the IPR Officers of the Districts, sub divisions and information assistants, Directorate Officers, Journalists and News Assistants are primarily engaged in collection of news with special focus on the activities and achievements of the Government. The news and features from all over the State are filled in the directorate published daily in the bulletin “Naga News” which is disseminated to all local newspapers, agencies, AIR Kohima, some regional newspapers, National media representatives in the state, news portals, etc. All the local news organizations and other clients invariably carry the news stories and photos released by the department in their publications and bulletins.


The Department has constituted to successfully publish various booklets, folders, etc. and made improvement in the contents as well as print quality have been made in all the regular publications, including the Nagaland Calendar, Diary and the monthly magazine “The Warrior”.

Public address system

Equipment have been improved, upgraded and augmented during the recent years.

Photo coverage 

Equipment have been improved, upgraded and augmented during the recent years.

Video coverage 

A good number of documentaries on important events and subjects of public importance have been produced by the Department recently. These documentaries are screened by the Mobile Units and are also given to Cable TV operators for broadcast through their networks. We are currently trying out production of video newsreels of important events. The one on the 62nd Independence Day celebration at Kohima being the first of what we hope will be a regular activity.

Press Accreditation 

31 Journalists/media persons representing both local papers and National Media Organizations have been issued accreditation. The State Government has announced a Difficult Area Operational Subsidy in the form of monthly financial allowance for accredited press/media persons of varying amounts depending on their period of accreditation. Eight (8) accredited media persons are currently receiving this monthly subsidy.

Government Advertisements 

The Nagaland Advertisement Rules 1983 provides that all government advertisements from different departments should be routed through the IPR Department to streamline the process and ensure equitable distribution of official advertisements as directed by the Press Council of India. However except for one or two payments, the Department is unable to address the problem.

Press Conference & Conducted Press Tours

Besides organizing Press Conferences for the Chief Minister, Ministers, visiting VIPs and Senior Officials of the State Government and providing transportation to the local media for covering official programmes and events, the Department conducts Press tours for both Local and National media as was successfully done during the Hornbill Festival 2007 and the Rice Festival 2007.


One of the best publicity strategies is hoardings/billboards. The Department has therefore launched publicity campaigns for awareness on Disaster Management and Right to Information (RTI) all over the State and have put up attractive and eye catching hoardings / billboards on both the subjects in all the 11 Districts