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Profile of Tuensang District ( Land of Culture )

1. Town Altitude 1,371m above sea level
2. Recognised Villages 113 villages
3. Major Crops Rice, Maize and Millet
4. Important Festivals Naknyulem,Tsokum, Mongmong,Metemneo
5. Major and Important Rivers Tizu, Zungki, Dikhu, Chite


Administrative HQ


1. DC's Office Tuensang
2. ADC's Office Noklak, Shamator, Longkhim
3. SDO(C) Office Noksen, Thonoknyu
4. EAC Headquarters Panso, Chare, Chessore, Tsurungto,Nokhu, Chingmei,Ngoungchung, Mangko,Sotokur, Sangsonyu


Educational Institutions


1. Govt. Colleges 1
2. Govt. Primary,Middle,High Schools 22
3. Govt. Recognised Private Schools 20
4. Govt. Recognised Private Colleges 1


Tourist Attractions and Historical Places


1. International Trade Center at Pangsha