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The Nagaland State Disaster Management Authority (NSDMA), Home Department has issued weather updates for the coming days.

            With the onset of monsoon and prevailing weather conditions, heavy rainfall accompanied by lightning is expected in the coming days, and pre-monsoon activity is expected to pick up during this period. The lowland and foothill areas of Nagaland such as Dimapur, Niuland, Chumukedima, Bhandari, Pangti, Tizit, and Tuli are likely to experience inundated waterlogging and flash floods because of the heavy precipitation in the hill sector. It is therefore important to take necessary precautionary measures during this time and exercise caution from lightning strikes and gale winds which may cause disruption in communication and connectivity.

Through the press release, NSDMA, Home Department urges the public to be vigilant during this pre-monsoon period and not to shelter under large trees and near the river banks to prevent unnecessary risk to life from lightning and flash floods. NSDMA also requested all the DDMAs and other line departments who are responsible to attend to any emergencies caused by natural calamities to be on alert to save lives and properties during this monsoon period.