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Principal Director, School Education, Shanavas C, IAS has informed all the employees of the Department that the placement of fund for the current Financial year 2022-23 was issued by the Finance Department on the 11th April 2022 and subsequently the sub-allocation was prepared by the Directorate and submitted to the Finance Department on 14th of April 2022 and the authenticated and the same was endorsed by the Directorate of Treasuries and Accounts on 20th April 2022 for circulation to the all the concerned Treasury offices. However, with the introduction of the Personal Information Management System (PIMS)/ ePay Bill system, the Directorate has been updating the information required by the P&AR Department in their interface vide their OM No.PAR/PIMS-2/2016 Dated 27-05-2016. And with most of the employees being migrated to the PIMS the Finance Department issued an OM vide No.FIN/BUD/12-3/e-Pay Bill/2021-22 Dated 16th November 2021 for introduction of payment of salaries and wages via ePay Bill system effective from November 2021 but, due to glitches/requirement of documents/ records the system was relaxed till the remuneration of Feb 2022 to be drawn in March 2022, which had already been paid.

The Department would like to clarify that, the Directorate staff have been working overtime in coordination with the Finance Department, P&AR Department and The Directorate of Treasuries and Accounts so that salaries were released on time as the ePay Bill system was rolled in w.e.f. March 2022 but, due to some problems like Pay items like SCRLA in the ’93 RoP resolved by the P&AR on 7th May 2022. Also, vide OM of the P&AR Department vide No.AR-5/ASSO/98 Dated. 6th June 2016, on ban of appointment on Adhoc/ Contract, the records/ documents of such criteria could not be updated which have been compiled and forwarded to the Govt. and awaited for decision. Till such time their salaries are withheld. Also the last 6 (six) SDEO establishments out of the 11 (eleven) newly created establishments, who had been bifurcated from their parent establishments could not be updated in the PIMS for want of SGV code from the NSDL, Mumbai, which will be completed once the code is received and their salaries will be released accordingly. Also due to poor internet connectivity in areas like Kiphire, Tuensang and Mon the problem of uploading details in the portal takes time hence, only 10 or 15 employees can be updated in a day. For the other regular employees, with the help of the P&AR Department, technical glitches are being cleared and for those already cleared, salary is being released on fast track mode.

In view of the above, the Department has reiterated that the Government has been trying to bring in transparency in disbursement of salaries and a system where funds are monitored properly. And since, the system is in its initial stage, all the employees have been requested to bear with the delays as, once the problems are resolved, the system is put in place and information required are updated, all such delays will be curbed.