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Transport Department has informed that the following guidelines on Issue of Permit for all Passenger Service Vehicles in the State shall come into immediate effect.

Under Section 73(a)(ii) and (iv) of the Motor Vehicles Rules for Excluded Areas, Assam, 1942 (Nagaland Amendment Rules, 1983) as amended vide Notification No. TPT/MV/2/79 dated 30/03/1983, Para 16, the fees for permits in respect of Passenger ServiceVehicles are fíxed as under:

(i)                 In respect of a Taxi Cab/Tourist Taxi Rs. 200/- per year

(ii)               In respect of a Stage Carriage/City bus/Omni Bus Rs. 300/- per year.


The Registering Authorities have been authorized to issue base permits tor all category of passenger Service Vehicles on the basis of which the State Transport Authority shall issue All India Tourist Permit Authorization, lnter-State Permits, AlI Nagaland Tourist Taxi Permits, Inter District Contract Carriage (Bus) Permits, provided that the applicant must first obtain an assurancecertificate from the State Transport Authority for issue of the above permits.


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