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The Capt. (Late) N. Kenguruse, MVC Centre of Excellence & Wellness, MoU Signing Ceremony between Directorate General of Assam Rifles, Axis Bank, and National Integrity and Educational Development Organization (NIEDO)  was held at Kenguruse Auditorium Hq IGAR (North) Kohima, Nagaland on 13th May 2022.

Minister Temjen Imna Along, who was the Special Guest at the function, described Captain (Late) N. Kenguruse as a battle-worthy man and the epitome of nationalism, bravery, and a true Naga who laid down his life for his countrymen. He also added Captain (Late) N. Kenguruse's image of bravery has depicted our true identity, for which, leaders of the nation have come to adore and honour us.

Congratulating the initiatives of the corporate giant Axis Bank signing a memorandum along with NIEDO, Along said great corporates want to go to great places where great finances will come but in this case, they are giving for the future of the nation to make India grow stronger and better to be in the forefront and called upon the Naga people that we as Indians should also not waver to be at the forefront. He said India is no longer the India of the past but is now robust and dynamic and that India is no longer the country that asks but now a country that gives. He also said Nagaland is now closer to the mainland than ever before in the history of our statehood today and now the North East is the heartbeat of the country.

Along also said since many of the young Naga men and women are well equipped in their own fields, he urged the Assam Rifles to also choose people according to their future dimension, skill, and strength in the days to come. He also urged the youth that if they want to make Nagaland strong, dynamic and prosperous, they should enhance their skill and put their dreams into practice to build the nation. 

Head Corporate Affairs, Axis Bank, Rudrapriyo Ray, and CEO, NIEDO, Dr. Rohit Shrivastava also spoke during the programme. MoU Signing Ceremony was conducted by Brig. Harjinder Singh, Dr. Rohit Shrivastava, and Rudrapriyo Ray

The vision of the project is to provide a fully residential education and coaching facility endowed with concurrent wellness modules for children from disadvantaged backgrounds for entry into niche colleges/universities after Class XII

Contours Of The Project is to provide a year-long fully residential, quality educational, coaching, and mentoring facility.  A wellness module for underprivileged children for entry into niche colleges/ universities.  Target disadvantaged students hailing from rural areas of Nagaland.  Grooming the beneficiaries holistically in a pluralistic setup and nurturing them with an egalitarian value system under the shadow of Assam Rifles.  Forge a curriculum that on realization will emerge as a mechanism for happiness, peace & progress.


(Maongtemjen, IA)