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The Directorate of Animal Husbandry & Veterinary Services has issued a public appealed with regard to mortality of pigs / cows for maintenance of strict bio-security measures within the suspected zone. Occurrence of African Swine Fever (ASF) in pigs & Lumpy Skin Disease (LSD) in Bovine is still prevalent in Nagaland.  The incidence is likely to increase as winter approaches due to high movement of animals because of festive, wedding & other social gatherings in the State.

Hence, it has issued the  following dos & don’t:-

1.   Immediately report unusual mortality of animals to the nearest Veterinary Centre to initiate surveillance, diagnostic & containment procedures by the Department.

2.      While importing animals, ensure to import healthy & disease free animals (certified animals) into your farms / villages.

3.      Do not feed swill & kitchen waste to pigs.

4.      Do not consume the dead animals.

5.      Follow deep burial method, atleast 6 ft. deep, followed by spreading of lime / bleaching powder.

6.      Do not throw the carcass in the river / canal stream / water bodies.

7.      Sanitise the areas / sheds / troughs completely using the recommended solution.

8.      Wash hand, feet, clothing etc properly with soap.

9.        Seek assistance of Veterinarian for disinfecting the area.

10.    Demarcate the areas into Infected Zone, Surveillance Zone & Free Zone with the help of AH   & Veterinary Services Department for control & containment measures.

11.  Do not give blind / symptomatic diagnosis or unconfirmed report so as to prevent false alarm to the surrounding farmers / villages. These ASF & LSD are notifiable diseases under “The Prevention and Control of Infectious and Contagious Disease Animal Act, 2009, Gazette of India vide Part II-Section I, No. 29 and only competent authority shall notify in the public domain after laboratory confirmation through “Nucleotide Sequencing” of PCR products and RTPCR from NIHSAD, Bhopal, India.

12.    Do not re-populate the pigs, without Department consultation as there is no vaccine available to prevent ASF.

  This appeal is issued to all concerned so that with the participation of all stakeholders we can contain ASF & LSD in the State.