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Bloom Bazaar, an exciting and dynamic new initiative of the Investment & Development Authority of Nagaland (IDAN), will be launched at The Heritage, Kohima on 29th September 2023. 

"Bloom Bazaar” is aimed at fostering entrepreneurship and providing a vibrant platform for local businesses to thrive. It is designed to encourage and empower entrepreneurs across Nagaland, creating a marketplace for them to showcase their products and connect with a wider audience. The event will take place every weekend, specifically on Fridays and Saturdays.

Key Highlights of the "Bloom Bazaar":

Local Entrepreneurship Focus: The "Bloom Bazaar" is exclusively dedicated to local entrepreneurs particularly flower growers from Nagaland, offering them a unique platform to present their goods and services to a diverse and eager audience.

Affordable Stall Spaces: Local entrepreneurs can secure a stall at the "Bloom Bazaar" for a nominal fee of Rs. 500/-. This fee covers both days of the weekend (Friday and Saturday), allowing participants to maximize their exposure and sales opportunities.

Comprehensive Guidelines: Interested entrepreneurs are encouraged to adhere to certain guidelines and checklists that will be provided to ensure a harmonious and successful event.

The "Bloom Bazaar" is not just about flowers; it is a convergence of various local talents and businesses. In addition to flower growers and entrepreneurs, attendees can expect a diverse range of stalls featuring delectable local cuisine, high-quality products crafted in Nagaland, art, fashion and captivating musical performances by talented Naga artists.

The event promises to be a vibrant and bustling hub of activity, fostering economic growth and entrepreneurship in Nagaland. It also offers an excellent opportunity for visitors to discover and appreciate the rich culture and talents that Nagaland has to offer and will become a melting pot of popular culture. 

For local entrepreneurs eager to participate in this exciting initiative, please reach out +91-8415034311 to secure your stall at the "Bloom Bazaar.

IDAN has requested the public to come and be part of the "Bloom Bazaar" – where entrepreneurial dreams take root and flourish, and experience Nagaland's creativity and commerce. 

The bazaar will also have several verticals like student activities, children’s entertainment, film screenings, etc. 

The event also aims to promote tourism as it will aspires to be a popular destination for citizens from all walks of life, including families, children, students, tourists, etc.