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The full text is as follows :

“A Non Commissioned Officer (NCO) of Nagaland Police posted in Delhi tested positive for COVID-19 at RML Hospital Delhi yesterday night following complain of mild symptom. He is presently undergoing treatment at LNJP Hospital, Delhi and is recovering well. The Nagaland Police personnel in Delhi who were in close contact with the NCO who tested positive, have been traced and samples of 12 such persons have also been sent for testing. The patrolling party of the NCO, who tested positive, has also been placed under Institutional Quarantine Facility at Kashmere Gate, Delhi.

As regard the testing of suspected samples in the State, as at 4 P.M. today, a total of ­­1008 samples have been sent for testing and the results of 985 samples have been received and all have been tested as negative. The results for the remaining 23 samples are awaited.

The testing of suspected samples for COVID-19 has commenced in the BSL-3 lab at NHAK, which was inaugurated yesterday.

As regard the  One Time Financial Assistance in the form of cash grant to persons from Nagaland stranded outside the state, and those who have voluntarily opted to stay back in their respective places, till now, ­­­3086 persons have been paid Rs 10,000 each, amounting to Rs 3.8 crore in total.


The Shramik Special Train Number 06194 which departed from Chennai on 19th May 2020 at 23:30 hours arrived today at Dimapur at around 6:20 pm carrying 1320 stranded persons of Nagaland.

 Again, at 6.00 pm today, 426 stranded citizens of Nagaland have left Gurugram, Haryana by train for Dimapur. This train is expected to arrive at Dimapur on 24th May 2020 at around 5:40 am. Further, on the 23rd of May 2020 about 1550 migrants from Bihar State stranded in Nagaland, will leave Dimapur by train to Motihari, Bihar at around 9.00 P.M.

Since the 23rd March 2020, 11,565 citizens have signed up in the nCOVID-19 Nagaland – Visitors App and in the past 14 days 1,861 persons have submitted their travel self-declaration. Currently 1210 persons are being digitally monitored through the nCOVID-19 Nagaland – Visitors App. “