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DC Kohima has informed all concerned that many road-adjacent shops in Kohima dealing with Construction materials, tyres, vehicle repair workshops, Timber & Bamboo, Iron fabrication, Clothing, and accessories, etc. have encroached upon public footpaths by placing; storing; stacking, and stocking their products and goods over public footpaths and railings Whereas Public footpaths are for safe and public thoroughfare.

The Order also added that continued encroachment over public footpaths has caused immense public inconvenience and poses a grave danger to public safety. He has further informed that in the Interest of public safety and order, storage and stockpiling, stacking, and placing of materials or goods by Shops and business establishments over public footpaths whether permanent or temporary have been strictly prohibited and necessary action will be initiated against defaulters under Control of National Highways (Land & Traffic) Act, 2002" and Eviction of Unauthorised Occupants Act, 1971".

(Akamla IA Kohima)