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In order to contain and control the spread of Noval coronavirus in the district the Deputy Commissioner, Longleng M. ShayungPhom has issued an order in the interest of public health and safety, the following regulatory measures/restrictions and promulgated with immediate effect.

  1. All truck and other heavy motor vehicles, which are loaded and are en-route Longleng bringing essential commodities and other materials, will be permitted to enter the district till midnight of 29th June 2020. No vehicles bringing essential commodities from Assam will be permitted to enter the district after the aforementioned time period till the 6th July 2020 or until further order.
  2. All shops and business establishments which received commodities from the 23rd June 2020 till the date of issue of this order of this order shall remain closed untill further orders. 

(DPRO Longleng)