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To discuss the matter pertaining to sending back the returnees for Home quarantine who has entered the district before 18th May 2020 as per the SOP and guidelines issued by the Government, a meeting was convened by the Deputy Commissioner & District Task Force, Wokha, Orenthung Lotha at the DC conference hall on 22nd May 2020. Lotha Hoho, Eloe Hoho, LSU and 14 colonies chairmen attended the meeting.

DC chairing the meeting apprised the gathering that since more people will be entering the district from different parts of the country starting from today it is not feasible to accommodate all, as the district is expecting around 600 to 700 hundred returnees. He stated that returnees who have entered the district before 18th May 2020 and are undergoing
institutional quarantine at the quarantine facility centers are to be placed under home quarantine as per the SOP and guidelines of the government, where he sought the opinion of all the members in regard to this. All the members agreed to abide by the laid down regulations of the government during the meeting.

Dy. CMO, Wokha Dr. Zuben Kikon addressing during the meeting said that, returnees undergoing institutional quarantine are well taken care and are under the supervision of the doctors following all procedures.

DC further requested the Medical Department to constitute a surveillance team to monitor the activities of those persons undergoing home quarantine to ensure that guide line is strictly followed. The Deputy Commissioner thanked all the public of Wokha and civil societies for extending co-operation during the lockdown period and appealed all to restrain from spreading rumours in social media causing unnecessary panic among the communities.


(Zubenthung, IA Wokha)