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            Minister of Higher Education & Tribal Affairs, Temjen Imna Along graced the Konyak Aoleang Festival celebration as the Special Guest on 6th April 2021 at Local Ground, Mon. The event which was organised by Konyak Union had ENPO President, Sashi Naga as Special Invitee and Mon 46th AC MLA, N. Thongwang Konyak as Chief Patron. 

            Imna Along extended his Aoleang greetings to the people of Mon. He stated that the Konyaks are one of the most fascinating tribe with the greatest warriors and forerunner of bravery and integrity. He added that it was time for the Konyaks to move ahead as a tribe while also being instrumental in the progress of Nagas as a whole. He expressed his desire for an inclusive Nagaland which was vibrant and strong as one. He stated that Nagaland was a young state and urged upon the people not to be frustrated but rather appealed upon them to contribute to enhance the collective strength for peace and prosperity in the land. He further appealed upon the people to part with the past problems and anti-national elements and sow seed for a developed, educated, innovative and vibrant Nagaland in the name of Aoleang. 

            Advisor I&PR, SCERT and Village Guards, Toshi Wungtung stated that Aoleang was a thanksgiving festival. He urged upon the Konyak people not to lose their culture, tradition and unity. MLA N. Thongwang Konyak in his address stated that Aoleang was celebrated to seek blessings for good harvest and to part with the past. He urged the Minister to continue to work for the betterment of the District. 

            DC Mon, Thavaseelan K, IAS, in his address stated that the greatness of a culture or society lies in its festival. He appealed upon the people to reconnect with the past for a better future and to live a life of compassion and humanity. He further stated that in order to improve one's own life, it depended on ourselves. 

            President ENPO, Sashi Naga urged upon the people to celebrate various festivals in its true and dignified manner. President, Konyak Union, S. Howing Konyak stated that Aoleang is celebrated to seek blessings and part with the departed souls.

            The event was chaired by President KSU, Noklem Konyak. The event witnessed a welcome song by Mon Chamber Choir, a special presentation by Phom Community Mon Town and Cultural Dance Display. Meanwhile, prayer for Aoleang blessings was pronounced by Pastor KBCM, Nahngom Konyak and Log Drum was played by Chen Nokten Union.


                                                                                                (Renbenthung Kikon, IA Mon)