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The Youth Resources & Sports (YRS) Department will set up ‘Youth Recreational and Impact Centres’ under State Innovative Programme. These centers are being set up in Longleng, Mon, Tuensang, and Kiphire which are approved by the Government. The project was launched on 22nd May 2023.

The project aims to target the youth who are facing difficult circumstances due to limited opportunities which can lead to growing incidences of drug and alcohol abuse, juvenile delinquency, teen pregnancies, and many other problems. Furthermore, the presence of such unsocial elements creates social tension. By setting up these centres, the Department aims to provide a wholesome, safe, and adequately equipped space for the youth and also create positive experiences leading to lower crime rates by raising more educated, happy, and responsible citizens.

With a well-run community center, it can serve as a thriving hub of activities for youth. Unfortunately, in Nagaland, such recreational centers are very few and mostly confined to metro cities. Furthermore, these facilities are not meeting the needs of the people around them because they are mostly privately owned businesses and may sometimes cost too much for young adolescence to access them. However, for most parts of Nagaland, no such centres (privately owned or government-run) currently exist.

An acute shortage of "free" community recreational centers compels most youths to either spend their free time at home or on the streets leaving to numerous juvenile-related problems like depression, juvenile crimes, substance abuse, teen pregnancies, etc. The Department stated that the role of such centres is crucial for communities like ours that lack the necessary facilities to keep our children in safe environments after school hours during their free time. They will provide the youth to have a healthy outlet for their creativity as well as energy, leading to a step forward toward long-term community improvement.


(Nouneseno, IA)