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A two-day Orange Festival 2023 is being held at Rüsoma Village Ground Kohima on on 24th January 2023. The Third edition of the Orange Festival was organized by Rüsoma Village Council partnering with Orange, winter best Vitamin 'C' (Horticulture Department), JACIE (SOYABEAN) Taste & Tastee, (Agriculture Department), ORGANIC COFFEE BAR (Land Resources Department), BACKBONE of the Village (RD Department) and PUBLICITY & MEDIA (IPR Department).

Speaking as the Fest Father, Additional Director, Rural Development, K. Neibu Sekhose stated that organizing such a festival reflects the unity and oneness amongst the villagers under the good leadership of the village council. He said the festival would set a good example to the rest of the Nagas and would also benefit the villagers as well as neighboring villages towards economic growth. Neibu further hoped that the village would continue to uphold the spirit of oneness and intensify orange farming for economic prosperity in the future.

In his short speech, District Horticulture Officer, S. Senka said that Horticulture is one of the major drivers for economic growth in the country and more remunerative than other allied sectors which also provides employment possibilities. Senka also said that horticulture crops such as Oranges are more resilient to changes in weather conditions (climate change). He also spoke on the Paradigm shift in Horticulture where Smart Farming/ Smart Horticulture is focused on transformation and reorientation from Traditional farming to increase yields through productivity, improved resilience, and reduced side effects.

Senka also highlighted the features of smart farming like economic viability of the farming, Efficient use of limited natural resources such as water, land, and labor, energy saving of limited fossil fuel, equitable distribution of benefits amongst the farming community, environment, and ecology protection and employment generation to ensure high-income levels, etc. He suggested various points to achieve smart Horticulture such as Drip-irrigation, Post-harvest and value addition in Horticulture crops, modified atmosphere packaging for long productivity and transportation of fruits and vegetables, and insect pollinators for improving productivity and quality of the crops.

It was said that orange farming at Rüsoma Village has become one of the main sources of income for the villagers/ farmers, who generate cash in terms of lakhs annually. It is learned that presently out of 78,000 orange trees, 13,000 trees have been harvested, 20,000 trees are at the initial stage, and 35,000 trees are yet to harvest in a week. The villagers are also hopeful that in 5-10 years, income generation annually will cross four to Rs. five crore.

Earlier, Chairman, Rüsoma Village Council Kehouchükhrie gave the welcome address, Convenor, Orange Festival, Khrielie Chase gave the keynote address and Hd. GB, Kruzolie Zhale said the vote of thanks. Compere of the day's programme was Kekhrie Pfukha.


(Khekiye IA Kohima)