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Principal Director School Education, ShanavasC, IAS has notified for the information of Heads of all types of schools (Under State & Central Govts. & Private managements ) functioning within the State of Nagaland that the exercise of collection of data for the UDISE+ has been undertaken by the District Education Officers and soft copies of the formats already issued to all concerned.

It was noticed in earlier occasions that many school heads provide inflated and inaccurate data without proper application of minds. Heads of schools have been therefore directed to devote enough time to understand the meaning of various parameters being used in the UDISE+ format and ensure that the data furnished by them are accurate and complete in all sense and the formats are submitted within the prescribed last date of submission.

All concerned have been cautioned that that accountability will be fixed at all levels of data collection and furnishing of false/inaccurate/incomplete data would lead to closure/de-recognition/withdrawal of NOC of schools as per provisions of RTE Act, 2009.