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Seized drugs were destroyed at Mon Town on 18th Nov 2020. As per the statement given by Khevitu Swu, Superintendent of Excise & Prohibition Mon, 1891 Spasmo Proxyvon Capsules, 132 Nitrosun Capsules, 160 Brown Sugar / Sunflower, 34.98 of Opium and 4 tablets of OSD, a value of 163705/- (One lakh Sixty Three Thousand Seven Hundred and Five) in market values were destroyed in the presence of EAC Mon, Khenpa, representative from District Administration, Superintendent of Police Mon, District Session Judge Mon, IPR Mon and Inspectors of Excise department. The items which were destroyed were of the period from 27 the July 2017 to August 2018, where 11 cases had been detected during the years.

A short programme was held at Superintendent of Excise & Prohibition Office Mon before the destruction of the seized drugs where EAC Khenpa congratulated and thanked the department for their proactive commendable job and valuable service rendered. He also requested the department to put more efforts in seizing illegal stuffs in the days to come for the upliftment and betterment of the society in Mon District.