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In continuation to the earlier office order of even number dated 03.05.2021, the following have been exempted from the purview of the notified restrictions;

  1. Social Welfare Department including functioning of Sakhi One Stop Centre/ Women Help Line Child Protection Services and Anganwadi Services.
  2. LPG Services including their delivery, distribution and transportation.
  3. Private water tanker/ carriers.
  4. Prison and related services.
  5. Courier services.
  6. Municipal services like cleaning and sanitation to be executed by the Kohima Municipal Council Dimapur Municipal Council and Chumukedima Town Council.
  7. Gauhati High Court Kohima Bench and District Courts.

Para 8 of the aforementioned referred order dated 03.05.2021 shall be read as, "In addition to the activities banned as per the order NO. NSDMA-ER-COVID19-301/2020(Part-II) Kohima, dated 29th April, 2021, all places of mass gathering to be closed including religious places, except for solemnization of weddings with prior permission of the Deputy Commissioner, across the state and shall be limited up to 50 persons".


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