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Brillante! The Nagaland Piano Festival presents the Pedagogy series which comprises of online workshops, masterclasses and tutorials all curated especially to provide top quality resource for any pianist. This focuses on pedagogy, practice, techniques, accompaniment etc conducted by expert specialists from Nagaland and various parts of India, UK and US.

Brillante has thanked the knowledge and resource partners- Musee Musical, KM Music Conservatory, Trinity College London India, Nagaland Piano Teachers Association (NPTA), Department of School Education (DoSE) Nagaland, Yamaha India and powered by TaFMA (Task Force for Music and Arts).

This special series of learning resources will be aired on the Second day of the Festival in its YouTube channel Brillante Nagaland.

Resource specialists and pedagogy topics:

1.      Marouan Benabdallah – Franz Lizst Academy Budapest
Live zoom masterclass

2.      Luke Jones- Welsh pianist

Masterclass- Chopin’s pedaling

3.      Dr. Monika Herzig- Jazz pianist, Bloomington Indiana University

Workshop - Introduction to Jazz improvisation

4.      Pradyumna Singh Manot- Fiery Latin Jazz pianist , composer, music educator

Workshop - Rhythm of Latin Jazz music

5.      Nise Meruno- Yamaha Artist

Workshop- Art of Piano Accompaniment

6.      Karl Lutchmayer- Musee Musical, Oxford University

Workshop- “I play it much better at home”: the Perils of playing by Rote and how to overcome them

7.      Lavania Kumar- piano faculty at KM Music Conservatory

A pedagogy workshop - Teaching and Young Learners

8.      Rachintan Trivedi- Music Composer and producer

Workshop - Such A Mood -A demonstration on the process of production

9.      Anuvrat Choudhary – Trinity Laban Conservatoire, London, India

Workshop- Practicing Productively