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A meeting consisting of all heads of the districts of both state and central government, public leaders and NGOs on the outbreak of corona virus was held at conference hall of ADC Office Medziphema on 22ndMay 2020. The meeting was chaired by ADC Medziphema Thsuvisie Phoji.

The ADC highlighted on the preparedness, measures and action plan in fighting Covid-19 in Medziphema Sub-division. He appreciated the active response and co-operation by both State and Central Government and especially ICAR for providing hundred litres of hand sanitizer.

ADC also thanked the Village authorities for creating the community Quarantine Centers. He appealed to all the employees to shoulder responsibly together in the call of duty as a responsible government servants. CMO also briefed on DOs & DON'Ts to combat the virus. 

SDO Civil Tokai Sumi highlighted on the Quarantine Center at Medziphema as follows.

  1. Land Resources Center, Ruzaphema with 69 Beds, 46 Beds in Quarantine.
  2. CTC, with 86 Beds, 22 Beds under Quarantine for 3 days and were released.
  3. Farmers Hospital (IETC), with 33 beds, 32 beds in Quarantine.
  4. SASRD, NU, with 31 Beds, 22 beds in Quarantine.
  5. Sameti Hostel, with 24 beds, 9 beds in Quarantine.
  6. CIH/ GH, with 20 beds, 9 beds in Quarantine.

Altogether, the number of active Quarantine centres are Six (6) and the total number of beds is 263 out of which 63 male and 62 females. The vacant beds are 11 in Samati, 42 in CTC and 44 beds at CTC are under sanitization.

(Sashimong, IA Medziphema)