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Coordination meeting held regarding revision of rates for essential and non-essential commodities at Longleng.

In pursuance to the coordination meeting held on 23rd October 2020 at DCs conference hall regarding revision of rates for essential and non-essential commodities at Longleng town chaired by D. Robin ADC/Administrator, LTC and attended by host of Administrative and Police officers, PPC, PSC, LTWU, 11 Ward President and Chamber of Commerce & Industries Longleng, the house thoroughly deliberated and approved the following rates of under mentioned items with immediate effect.

List of Essential items.

  1. Potato – Rs. 40/- per kg.
  2. Onion – Rs. 50/- per kg.
  3. Garlic – Rs. 180/- per kg.
  4. M.Dal – Rs. 90/- per kg.
  5. Dry chilly – Rs. 180/- per kg.
  6. Andhra Rice – Rs. 3500/- 100kg.
  7. Silky Rice – Rs. 3300/- 100kg.
  8. Paijam Rice –Rs. 2350/-100kg.
  9. Sunrise Rice – Rs. 3300/- 100kg.
  10. Permol Rice – Rs. 2350/-100kg.
  11. Eggs – Rs. 200/- per sheet.
  12. Chiken (Broiler) – Rs. 200/- per kg.
  13. Chiken (Khoiler) – Rs. 310/- per kg.
  14. Pankaj Fish – Rs. 200/- per kg.
  15. Eleem fish – Rs. 250/-per kg.
  16. Rohu fish – Rs. 200/- per kg.
  17. Chiken dressed – Rs. 230/- per kg.

List of Non Essential Items.

  1. Sand (Assam local) – Rs. 60/- 1CFT.
  2. Kanhaighat sand – Rs. 90/- 1CFT.
  3. Cement (Star) – Rs. 550/- per bag.
  4. MS Rod 16mm – Rs. 5000/- per Quantal.
  5. MS Rod 12mm – Rs. 5100/- per Quantal.
  6. MS Rod 10mm – Rs. 5200/- per Quantal.
  7. MS Rod 8mm – Rs. 5300/- per Quantal.
  8. MS Rod 6mm – Rs.5700/- per Quantal.
  9. Nail – Rs. 80/- per kg.
  10. Brick A – Rs. 18/- per piece.
  11. Brick B – Rs. 17/- per piece.
  12. Brick C – Rs. 16/- per piece.


  1. Establishments dealing with all hardware items viz: MS Rod, Cement & Sand should ensure/adhere to strict/proper maintenance of standard weight. Henceforth no establishments should sell the above mentioned items without standard weighing.
  2. The price of Rice items will be in-force till 31st December 2020.
  3. All other prices/rates of items mentioned above are subjected to periodical/seasonal review as per the availability of commodities.
  4. Agencies dealing with LPGs should ensure that adequate supplies of products are available to all the beneficiary timely.
  5. The Head Dobashi (Head DB) is empowered to depute/entrust Dobashis (DBs) concern to conduct surprise checking to curb any malpractice and for ensuring cleanliness in the market/slaughter houses timely.
  6. The ward authorities under LTWU are empowered to check any malpractice within respective ward jurisdiction.
  7. Individuals/Business community not adhering to the order will be severely penalized which may even include the cancellation of trade license.
  8. This order will come into force w.e.f 27th October 2020.


(Manjong Phom, IA Longleng)