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In continuance to the ongoing sensitization programme on Covid-19 testing and vaccination, the Kohima District Task Force (DTF)  protracted their visit to the Northern Angami villages under Chiephobozou sub-division and Botsa circle at D. B Customary Court Hall, ADC Chiephobozou Office and Conference Hall of EAC Botsa simultaneously on 20th July 2021.

Minister in-charge of Kohima district for COVID-19, Tongpang Ozukum Minister for PWD (Mechanical & Housing) said the programme is being undertaken on the advice of the Chief Minister in order to take stock of the situation. With the onset of pandemic since last year, the state government and the district administration has been giving their best to fight the virus but he ruefully opined that the show of support from the general public has been less.

Ozukum also said that Delta variant of COVID-19 has already reached the district and in order to identify the sick, the public should come forward for testing in various government health centers. He appealed the public to come forward openly if symptoms appear in order to take immediate treatment so that transmission of the disease can be curbed at the initial stage.

While respecting the fundamental rights of an individual, the Minister appealed the public not to forget their fundamental duties for the common well-being of their loved ones and the community as a whole. "I cannot come and force you to take vaccine. I respect your fundamental rights, so, at the same time, you should not forget your fundamental duties. At least, go for timely testing, follow and maintain the appropriate SOP's and desist from feigning ignorance about the disease and go for vaccination", he said.

The Minister also requested on behalf of the government to the frontal civil societies under Kohima district to support and cooperate with the government so that the work taken up by the district DTF for the benefit of the people will not go in vain but will bear fruits in the coming weeks.

Advisor for Urban Development and Municipal Affairs, Dr. Neikiesalie Nicky Kire pointed out the importance on disclosure of self-test report if tested positive to trace, track and test the contacts to break the chain of transmission in the community. He also asked the gathering to religiously follow the Covid appropriate behaviour i.e. proper wearing of masks, hand hygiene and social distancing.

Dr. Nicky also urged the participants to equip themselves with required information through this programme and sensitise their people to come forward for testing and get themselves vaccinated.

Deputy Commissioner Kohima, Gregory Thejawelie, NCS showing concern over the low percentage of vaccination and testing, urged every individual to play active role in sensitizing their counterpart and added that the current vaccines have been proven to be well-effective and beneficial against COVID-19 but the pace of Covid vaccination is significantly low at some villages, also ‘Testing’ remains another area of worry. He stated that weekly cases continued to surge in several villages and added that health experts have been repeatedly warning about the alarming rate of mutation and poor vaccination pace and if people don’t pay heed to these, unfortunately we may see another Covid explosion.

Thejawelie also appealed that new and effective educational approaches are needed to counteract the damaging effects of the COVID-19 disease and to increase empathy towards population groups at risk of stigmatisation

The Deputy Commissioner also informed that circulating and spreading unconfirmed/ unverified and fake news are punishable offence which may invite punishments under relevant sections of the Nagaland Disaster Management Act and Nagaland Epidemic Diseases Regulations and warned public to refrain from such kind of activities.

CMO Kohima, Dr. Vezokholu Theyo assured that covishield vaccine are lifetime protection and appealed not to spread misinformation about COVID-19 vaccines. She stated that Covid-19 misinformation has rapidly spread exceeding the speed of spread of the actual COVID-19 pandemic and insufficient knowledge and contradictory information about the transmission of Covid makes people uncertainty and led them to believe biased and vague information. She also mentioned that the third wave of Corona will be inevitable if we keep on desisting ourself from testing and getting vaccinated.

Dr. Theyo also instructed to protect oneself and others by knowing the facts taking appropriate precautions and seeking medical attention.

AYO President, Kekhrie Pfukha advised the people to help the Government in regulating any valuable policies and suggestion pertaining to Covid-19 norms and encourage them to clear their queries from the health experts and sensitize the community.

Village Council Chairmen from 15 villages under the Chiephobozou sub-division including representatives from NAPO, NAYO, NASU, NAWO, Parish Priet St. Dominic Savio Parish, Chiephobozou; E. S Pesocha B. Church Council and Northern Angami Christian Revival Church sub-center attended the programme.ADC Chiephobozou, Vekhoyi Chakhesang NCS chaired the programme. Mhalezolie Metha, Vice President of Northern Angami Public Organisation (NAPO) delivered the welcome address and vote of thanks was proposed by EAC Chiephobozou, Vitoka Yepthomi. While at Botsa, villages and organisation under Botsa circle attended the programme. Saratho Katiry, EAC Botsa chaired the programme and President NAPO 'D', Pfuduolhou Kense delivered the welcome address and vote of thanks proposed by MO PHC Botsa, Dr. Ropfu Dolie.


(Siizo, IA & DPRO Kohima)