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As part of its ongoing pledge to have a single-use plastic-free zone for the upcoming World Environment Day, Friends of Nature and the Department of Environmental Science, Kohima College units jointly organized a formal programme on 3rd June 2023 with the theme “Solution to Plastic Pollution” #Beat Plastic Pollution.

As such the programme began with a welcome address from the Chair, Viserenuo Thenunuo, and a token of appreciation for the resource person, Rajkumar M, IFS, DFO Kohima. Rajkumar posed 3 questions—which formed the central theme of his message. They were— “Can we avoid plastic? Can we eradicate plastic? Can we segregate waste?”. He then admitted that plastic is unavoidable & ineradicable. Therefore, for him, it was more practicable to opt for “Reduction, Reusage & Recyclability”. His final advice to the youth was to—' Be Aware’ and to ‘Educate at least 10 other people’.

Thereafter, an environmental pledge was taken: “I pledge to make any possible changes in my daily lifestyle to protect the environment;” “I commit to continuously remind my friends, family & others about the importance of environmentally friendly habits”; I pledge to serve as an example of how an environment-friendly lifestyle can positively impact people and our planet”.

The programme concluded with a vote of thanks by C Vezholu Kotso and a tree-planting ceremony.