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Deputy Commissioner, Wokha, Orenthung Lotha informs that some individuals are constructing buildings/structures along the NH-02 stretch starting from KM 101 to KM 125 (Tsungiki second bazaar to Doyang bridge).

The assessment for property damage compensation for building/structures along the stretch starting from 101 to KM 125 (Tsungiki second bazaar to Doyang bridge) for widening of Single Lane to 2 Lane was carried out in the year 2017-18 and has already been completed and notified and Tender for the same is under process.

It has also been reported by the NH Department that new constructions within the ROW are being carried out which is in contravention to the earlier verification carried out by the NH Team and the District Administration in co-ordination with the Village Councils.

Concerned individuals have been directed to restrain and refrain themselves from carrying out any further unauthorized development activities over the land within the Row. Further, it is to be informed that any new development activities by way of constructing structures/building within the earmarked RoW will not be accounted for compensation and all such structures/buildings constructed including those under construction will be at the risk of the individuals concerned themselves.

(Zubenthung, IA Wokha)