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On account of the on-going COVID-19 pandemic and with a view to contain the risk of spread of COVID-19 during the winter season which coincides with Flu season coupled with the ensuing Festive Season, the Department of Health & Family Welfare held a consultative meeting with Church Organizations, Civil Society Organisations, representatives of District Administration and Municipal Council was held on 16thDecember 2020. During the meeting the following were resolved:

1.      To reiterate the necessity of observance of preventive measures especially with regard to “COVID-19 appropriate behaviours” issued through SOPs by all residents of the State.

2.      To involve actively in creating awareness in sensitizing people on prevention from COVID-19.

3.      Strict enforcement of SOPs, and to take action for violation of the SOPs as per legal provisions against the offenders.

4.      Appeal to all concerned:

(a)    To avoid mobile carolling in groups and processions, picnics, partying, merrymaking and other entertainment events that involve crowding.

(b)   To defer or postpone conferences, jubilees, convocations, etc. scheduled during the festive season.

(c)    Weddings to follow SOPs and preventive measures at all times.

(d)   Christmas and New Year Community feasts may be avoided or if unavoidable, may be served in take-away packages and to follow all social distancing measures and CoVID appropriate behaviour at all times.

(e)    To avoid travelling to other places particularly from towns to villages to attend social events. If unavoidable, to follow preventive measures at all times.

(f)    Devotional services should be staggered to minimize crowding and to follow preventive measures at all times.

(g)   Food vendors should observe SOPs and not entertain customer without wearing face mask and ensure that there is no crowding around the stalls, and to serve the food in take-away packages.

(h)   People with Flu-like symptoms should isolate themselves and come forward for testing as timely testing, detection and early treatment can prevent debilitating complications and reduce mortalities.

(i)     Public transport operators to adhere with the SOPs and authorized enforcing agencies to take strict action for violation of the SOPs as per legal provisions against the offenders.

5.      Let it be known to all young people that COVID-19 complications does not discriminate but affects all age groups. Maximum confirmed cases are between the age of 20-40 years and even if they don’t develop complications, may spread the disease and become super–spreaders endangering the community particularly the elderly and people with co-morbidities. Further, symptomatic cases are also increasing.  It is therefore of utmost importance that the SoPs are followed by everyone.